So, We Took a Break and Redid the Mobi’s. Again.

Slight problem with ;s after em dashes.  Oh, and rare bits of .css.  Only happened 12,000 times.  Those are all uploaded.  Again.  Now the Adobe Mobile and Sony Reader scripts are rerunning. Then I got one more format to do.  No, you only get one PC for it.  Maybe my laptop too.

But, given that there has been no capitulation from the .epub camp despite the fact that Amazon has completely eaten their lunch, I ask, given–despite all the Idiotic hype–our current debacle of fewer than 6,000 epub files offered through BooksonBoard, and 7,576 through Waterstones, as compared with a quarter of a million through Amazon and the Iphone Kindle App, which is sadder, the way the only person supporting the format at the charmed 5-figure level is a bored pornographer who more productively spends his time verifying the rumor that bars in COLA stay open as late as the ones in NOLA?


That the sort of adolescent mentality permeating the EPUB universe is such that no one even talks about who has the content? ‘Cuz I can be a dick*, but unlike the Idiots who are still BSing about Major Publishing Industry support for Epub (again, 5,000 titles, 1/16th of the .lit figures) and other things too numerous to mention, I’ve never lied to you.

It’s all a big whatev.  Given the economy, the most important thing happening for Disruptive Publishing is our newfound ability to stock Olympia Press titles in Europe (first time that’s happened in 40 years) at a rather nice upfront cost.

But if you’re getting your ass beat 9 ways to Sunday by Mr. Bezos, perhaps it’s time to let the high school clique mentality go and talk about what’s happening outside your group.  It’s not as if you’re in the cool one.

*Say what you will, I have tried to let Hadrien down gently.  One day I’ll sit him down and explain just how much money there is in free ebooks. That’s not a beer thing, but maybe after I fill him up with Tylenol 3 and some Hash from Marseilles.

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  • Paul

    I am a blackberry user (after years of Palm) with mobipocket running nicely. I can download from but NOT from I I can even download from the main manybook site not just their mobile setup. t would be nice if a mobile munseys shop became available.

  • dmoynihan
  • Paul

    Any chance of a search. I see that you are using bookmarks to do it. Why not add the search capability?

  • dmoynihan

    It’s sorta there, in the box with the star…

  • dmoynihan

    I do see that they’ve updated the component pretty dramatically. I’ll play around …

  • Paul

    I tried for example by putting torchy in (which is one of the titles). I got no response. What am I doing wrong?

  • dmoynihan

    I think after entering the word, you then have to click a category.


    Shows Torchy…

    But, again, playing with it. Sorry, I sorta put that up a year ago, it worked, and I figured the best thing was not to mess with it until I started getting better data sources…