‘Cuz Dammit, We’ve Sold At Least One App Store Ebook, That Makes Me an Expert

ScrollMotion appears to have dramatically increased its total of books in the AppStore.

Caution, really big page that includes Marley & Me.  I went to it, viewed source, pasted, Word tells me the phrase “New App Added to the App Store” was replaced with “” 307 times.  That’s like a business or something.

Err, Lexcycle has two others in addition to Stanza.   We’ll see what happens with Hunted, their latest.  Title, unlike Iphone: The Manual isn’t flying off the digital shelves just yet.

Real tough market, and despite the relative strengths of “available in Itunes,” with Amazon’s Kindle App, it becomes really hard to justify any kind of an upfront cost…

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