What Do You Mean, No Real-Time Gratification Anymore?

It’s been noted, Amazon is pulling sales ranks from printed versions of smutty books, as they’ve already done for dirty, filthy, naughty, bad books in the Kindle store.  That’s actually a very new thing.  Like, since yesterday morning.  Trust me.  I check these things.

She’s all kinds of gone, as are Samhain‘s Rough Riders series and, I’m sure, a ton of other titles.  This isn’t any sort of emergent prudery, sex toys are still widely available, and sales look rather nice this Easter weekend, but the question arises, why’d Amazon do this?  And more importantly, why now?  The economy sucks worse in the Bible Belt…

We-hell, one reason could be that they’re sick of complaints from the prudes.  A better reason might be: they’ve been omitting any mention of a significant part of their business because they’re trying to expand another part into a very moral, deeply conservative universe:

School districts looking to cut costs by going digital in a major way.

Don’t worry, even with this likely new (major) moneymaker, I’m sure Amazon’ll see its ebook sales collapse soon if it doesn’t embrace a universal consumer format.  Tim O’Reilly said so, and Publisher’s Weekly quoted him twice.

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