So, Who’s To Blame?

Though busy of late, I’ve noticed that, in a week where Star Trek comics kicked the only epub book out of the top 10 at Apple’s App Store, where Readius ran out of dough, where Fictionwise lost some indie cred (and a ton of international sales), and where Kindle Publishers started really getting paid, we’re hearing, again, about a format war.

Richard Palk, Sony’s new business contents and services manager, told London Book Fair attendees that: “ePub has become the de facto UK consumers’ format of choice.”

Now, forget for a moment that nobody even mentioned Mobipocket in the UK, let alone Taylor & Francis, despite the fact that both companies, unlike Waterstones and its 8k Adobe Mobile titles, actually have inventory for sale, and in Mobi’s case have managed to sell some.

Forget, too, how unfair it is to say Sony’s latest missives about open-ness and consumer choice being key are Smashwords-like, given that Smashwords, for all its many faults, actually delivered on a promised small press platform.

And let’s ignore the Guardian article which kinda wondered what the big deal was about an “open” ebook format that used proprietary DRM.  Indeed, skip all articles.  After all, in the wake of media layoffs, near as I can tell the only reporters who’ve bought the Idiot’s nonsense about Publishers Adopting Epub Broadly and kept their jobs are GalleyCat Ron and a stringer for PC Magazine whose market won’t last the summer).

Don’t even think, as the IReader person comments, that Kindle EU might be closer than you think.  Just don’t go there.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.

Same crap we’ve heard for years.  Same wrong crap.  Well, can we find someone else to blame for this debacle, where the only response from Adobe is a re-hashing of the “we support SVG” crap first heard eight months ago?  After all, there ain’t no horns on that Idiot.

Clearly, it’s all the fault of Arthur C. Clarke.

I’m sorry, if he had only made Superiority, the classic tale of consultants and bureaucracy available when he signed with Rosetta years ago, somebody might have actually read the tale, and figured out that every mistake in the quest for a wonder format had been predicted.

Join us as we curse the memory of that Scuba-ing Sri Lankan for letting us down.

And let’s hope nobody has to share a cell.

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