And in a Follow-Up to Our Manhattan Hotel Pricing Dispute

May 21st, Priceline: $80 for the Hampton Inn, Soho.  Given that we’re talking a week before Memorial Day, and the average reviewer gives this one 4 stars: trust me, NY tourism has not recovered.  (In DC this time of year, $80 would only get you those former homeless-shelter-type hotels off New York Ave, several blocks from public transit… in areas you probably don’t want to be walking at night…. There, or maybe Turmont.)

Following week I’ll be in NY again, though I’m staying at The Chelsea for the last-ever BEA.  Not a bad rate there, neither.

Semi-related, since I’ll be out for a while, and am a little ahead of PG’s output (while trying to stay about a month behind), may briefly go to short ebook rations. I’ll let you know next week.

/Probably could have gotten a better deal for the 21st, but I’ve found when Priceline does that “up your bid by $20 and find a room right now” thing… it’s generally worth it.

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