Something from the Kindle/Iphone Playbook?

Almost unrelated, but tonight was “blogger night” at Camden Yards, so The Orioles, having sent Mark Hendrickson to the bullpen, Lou Montanez to the DL and Adam Eaton to the glue factory*, decided to announce that Matt Wieters will be coming up Friday, May 29th, to take over the catching.

Nothing game between Baltimore and Toronto, so wet they couldn’t get anyone to go even for great $8 seats, and people are excited.

Now, it’s easy to excite when you have a highly anticipated product like an Iphone, a Kindle, or Baseball Jesus.  And in a week where, post-DX announcement and Kindle 2 1st checks, Amazon’s now so swamped with new titles even the majors are facing a Kindle store backlog,** it’s safe to say blogger appeasement hasn’t put Sony or Adobe Mobile over the top, but MLB’s marketing has been surprising me for a while, and I’m glad to see the O’s learning.

*There will be a quiz later.

** More like two weeks for some of us.  Oh well, summer of the pink ones doesn’t start ’til after the 4th.

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