My Almost-Name Gaffe

Funny thing, when I saw the Espresso Book Machine demo, finally, I was amused.  The machine was located smack dab in the middle of the Ingram/Lightning Source Area at BEA, and the vendor nearest to me was wearing a badge for “On Demand Books.”

What’s weird about that is, at least one of the trade names for Booksurge/Createspace was “On Demand Publishing,” and I thought the guy was spying on the competition.  At least until I heard him speak knowledgeably about how On-Demand/Espresso plans to make money (in addition to sales/leasing of equipment, Espresso takes a license fee on every book produced, and plans to have 200 devices available worldwide within a couple of years… maintenance costs were estimated under $10k annually, depending on use, if you were wondering.)

On a semi-related note, looks like Booksurge/Createspace, both Amazon companies for you guys keeping score at home, have begun to share operations space.  I’ve noticed this, as Createspace proofs, of late, have been coming from the Booksurge HQ at Charleston, SC, where they used to come from L.A.

This “merger,” if you will, was sorta confirmed by a Createspace rep at the show, and probably doesn’t mean much in the broader scheme of things, but… TMYK.

/Richard Epstein wasn’t there.
//No word on CreateSpace/Booksurge Australia… or Amazon Australia, for that matter.

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