Hey, I’m a Txtr Partner!!!

With PG and manualsmania.  News to me. Txtr emailed a year ago, but, I was in Hawaii with the missus, getting sunburned and, you know, eating poi. Sort of forgot.

Anyway, from the .pdf in this post:

Comics und Fachbücher, Non-Fiction und Science Fiction: Die offene Onlineplattform txtr.com wird noch dieses Jahr weit über eine Million digitale Dokumente verfügbar machen – von eBooks über Wordund Office Dateien bis zu PDFs, ePub-Formaten und Powerpoint-Präsentationen. Der Fachbuchspezialist Ciando, der Buchgroßhändler Libri mit seinem Angebot „Libri.Digital“, die Volltextdatenbank Libreka und die Content Company Ingram Digital schnüren für txtr das insgesamt größte Angebot an kommerziellen e-Pub-Dokumenten in Deutschland. Zusammen mit den freien Inhalten der Projekte www.gutenberg.org, www.manualsmania.org und www.munseys.org und den von der txtr Community hochgeladenen Texten wird der Zugriff auf eine umfangreiche und hochwertige Sammlung digitaler Dokumente ermöglicht. Ein einfach funktionierendes und flexibles Rechtesystem garantiert Benutzerfreundlichkeit und Transparenz. Im Ergebnis kommt txtr dem Ziel des vernetzten Lesens damit einen großen Schritt näher. Denn mit dem txtr reader ist es über Mobilfunkverbindung in Zukunft möglich, immer und überall unkompliziert und stets aktuell synchronisiert auf eBook-Texte zuzugreifen und so beispielsweise eine komplette Bibliothek mit auf Reisen zu nehmen. Darüber hinaus bietet txtr die erste wirklich offene Lösung, die nicht nur eBooks lesbar macht, sondern auch alle anderen Arten von digitalen Dokumentenformaten. Der offizielle Launch des txtr readers ist zur Frankfurter Buchmesse 2009 geplant.

Automagically translated:

Comics and books, and Non-Fiction Science Fiction: The open online platform txtr.com this year is still well over one million digital documents available – eBooks on Wordund Office files to PDFs, Epub formats and Powerpoint presentations. The book ciando specialist, the book wholesaler Libri with his tender “Libri.Digital”, the full-text database Libreka and Ingram Digital Content Company txtr tie for the largest overall range of commercial e-pub documents in Germany. Together with the free-content projects www.gutenberg.org, and www.manualsmania.org www.munseys.org and by the community txtr uploaded texts, access to an extensive and high quality collection of digital documents. A simple and flexible working rights system ensures user-friendliness and transparency. As a result, the objective of txtr networked so that reading is a big step closer. Because the reader is txtr over mobile connections in the future, always and everywhere easily synchronized and always up to date on eBook articles and access such as a complete library to take on trips. Txtr also offers the first truly open solution that not only makes read eBooks, but also all other types of digital document formats. The official launch of the readers txtr is the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009.

there doesn’t seem to be anyone else Munsey that I’m aware of.  I just sent them the URL of an XML feed that should allow easy incorporation of all content on this site, proving Mike McGee’s old theory that all news stories eventually come true.

Err, seems to be a rumor about 200k Epub books “at launch.”  Mmmkay.  Does say, ‘e-pub.’ Anything’s possible, but that’s presupposing an additional 190k Adobe Mobile files have been added, lately, on the QT.  Like in the last week or so.  And since one of the partners, Ingram Digital, still won’t take .epub files via the Lightning Source interface (and asks for .pdf for VitalSource unless your epub was generated via InDesign), well–hey, maybe, the incorporation of DigitalEditions means that 190k .pdf files can be included on the reader, since that’s… what others are saying as well, and e-pub can be said to mean, ‘e-doc,’ ‘e-book,’ e-publisher,’ etc.

This confusion is tolerable, as long as all the people currently hyping epub on this device, and Amazon’s inevitable demise as a result of said inclusion, continue in their years-long practice of conveniently forgetting the hype and avoiding all mention of the topic when proven wrong.

But best of luck to Txtr, however they’re bringing ebooks to the Continent.

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  • bowerbird

    david, david, why be so negative about .epub numbers?

    it’s easy to get 200,000 .epub files.

    indeed, we have just been shown the magic formula.

    20,000 files from project gutenberg converted to .epub,
    and then you add in another 20,000 from munsey’s,
    and then you add in another 20,000 from manybooks,
    and then you add some more files from feedbooks,
    and then you add some more files from mobileread,
    and then you add some more files from good ol’ sony,
    and you just keep doing this until you have 200,000.


  • http://txtr.com Txtr

    Dear Munsey,

    it seems that we have botched this one. Sorry. We have indeed written to you some long while ago about using your content, and filed you under “got permission to use it”. Then someone else went on to upload and sort your materials, and finally a third person included this, along with some other stuff, into a press release. And to add injury to shame, we called you dot-org, instead of dot-com.

    Thank you very much for handling our bumbling communication so gracefully.

    Very sincerely yours,

    Joscha from Txtr.

  • http://www.munseys.com dmoynihan


    Did you get the XML?