My Push For Ebook Equality at RWA

So yesterday I dropped into Woodley Park for a book signing by the ladies of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.  My copy has a sticker. It was fun to meet them, along with Angela James and others, at the Romance Writers of America convention.

The gathering ended at 4:30, and I didn’t want to take the Red Line at rush hour, so I hung out for a little bit in the bar.  On a smoking break, I met a couple people with strong enthusiasms for Historical Paranormals and such, but not necessarily high opinions of ebooks.

Note that the disdain for ebooks is anything but ubiquitous among the romance community, but I did make the following comment a few times:

“You know, I go to Wal-Mart somewhat regularly.  You go to Wal-Mart?  Like Target, but cheaper.  I notice, they’re pulling DVDs from the shelves, just offering them in boxes, cheap, for a while, until the supply goes.  Some time in the future, those DVDs will be gone from Wal-Mart completely.

Not this year, probably not next year, but at some point in the next five years, you’ll see those same sort of boxes at Wal-Mart, only full of mass-market paperbacks, cheap, before Wal-Mart stops selling them completely.  Harlequin’s getting ready for this moment; Dorchester not so much; Kensington–hmm?

It’s probably a good idea to be nice to the romance ebook people.  They are the future, and worth watching even if, like me, you mostly sell to men.

Finally left around 6:30, but the Red Line was backed up so I had dinner in Friendship Heights.  Hadn’t been to Booeymonger since I quit working for Elsevier.

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