Reports of Kindle Ebooks Outselling Sony 10-1 Are Unfair!

to Amazon.

See, the quote is from Arthur Klebanoff, of RosettaBooks, who ironically enough when Kindle first launched thought he wasn’t getting any kind of sales from Amazon’s new device–that Sony was pre-eminent.  Heh.  This was back in the early days, a time when Mobi orphans, like myself and Rosetta, didn’t yet have reporting.

Sony’s new $9.99 price for best-sellers underscores how tough its competition is. “Right now everybody is fighting uphill against Amazon,” said Arthur Klebanoff, co-founder and chief executive of New York-based e-book publisher RosettaBooks LLC. He estimates he gets about 10 times more revenue from selling Kindle titles than he does for books for Sony’s readers.

But you gotta remember, the big beautiful world that is Kindle is an open system.  Anyone can publish there, from just about any source document.  All it takes is an Amazon account. Sony, meanwhile, requires an upfront payment for conversion, ISBNs, forms, NDAs, other fun stuff.

So there are literally hundreds of thousands of books fighting for Kindle dollars, along with things like authors reselling their own short stories, etc.–that Rosetta doesn’t have to compete with in the Sony universe.

If you were thinking Sony, with a supposedly comparable (to Kindle) number of devices on the market worldwide, and in any event couple of year’s head start, has 8% of the retail ebook market, compared to Amazon’s 92%, you’d likely be over-estimating Sony’s role.

After all, Fictionwise, BoB, BN, etc. must each have a percent themselves…

/And publishers are better off selling direct in conjunction w/ Kindle.

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