Hey, MobileReference Is Back!

In the Kindle store.

So, all’s forgiven, apparently (via KindleKorner.)

Weirdly, despite the freezes put on new PG-type titles being added to Kindle via the DTP route (and the Mobi route), seems the Kindle store now holds 350k titles, up from 300k a few months ago.  There was a rumor in certain circles that those titles, combined, made up the entirety of Amazon’s advantage over Sony/Overdrive/Ereader, and not, you know, all the effectively exclusive stuff from Grove-Atlantic, Cleis, etc., and the way Amazon doesn’t try to make money from you for adding content, and, you know, actual sales being an incentive to produce more content…

Like the crap we heard for years about publishers absolutely and, really, exclusively, getting behind an Industry Standard Open Format Involuntarily improved from Microsoft Reader, with Mandatory Proprietary Digital Rights Management from Adobe and unneccesary ISBNs from Bowker and “Distribution” from Overdrive, ‘cuz our sources just know it, and paying customers demand it, that rumor viz PD titles… turns out not to be true.

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