Amazon Ships Kindle Overseas Oct. 19th!

Price is dropping too.  100 Markets!!!  Shipping date Oct. 19th.

Oh, and over 200,000 titles available to ebook readers worldwide, compared to, like 8k or so from Waterstones.

If you’re still after the Sony market, there’s Mark! Coker! of Smashwords! to get you there, maybe, someday, only taking an additional 15%.

Note, if your business does more than half its sales to international buyers, now might–just might, I say, be a good time to Techno.

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  • MTravellerH

    280.000 books in Luxembourg! Oh, the joy!

    Now I want the Kindle appavailable here

  • Blog Kindle

    I’ve put together a table that lists every country in which Kindle is available along with number of books, their pricing, wireless availability etc at