Oh, and–I’m Back!

Booked a table for Author at the Nola Book Fair.  He’ll be reading as well.

I’ll be in Maryland Sat., ‘cuz my mom, wife, sister and niece are having a big joint B-Day party Friday, and Scorpios can be mean if you miss those sorts of events.

We may do some kind of short-term getaway, possibly a cruise out of Baltimore, but otherwise, next non-day-trip for me isn’t for four months.

(Skipping Miami ‘cuz of family.  Also, there used to be a good show in NY first week of Dec., but… not this year… and my midwinter genre events are, largely, no more.)

Highlight, if you’re wondering, was seeing a blues jam-band in this little dive in Austin on Sunday.  With the rest of the clubs dead post-Halloween, every blues musician in the city came in to play a couple songs.  It was… impressive.

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