Magic B&N PR Quote on Nook Delays

I’ve had vague feelings about BN since the CEO spent $600 mil. of the company’s money to buy a chain of bookstores from… himself.  Nothing I could put my finger on, yet… hmm.  But, WSJ says it:

Ms. Keating said initial pre-orders will be shipped on Nov. 30 as promised.

So, someone other than a BN employee will be able to get their hands on a device.  And… I guess we’ll see.

Might be a good time to renegotiate on Kindle rates before the hype dies down and the backlash ensues.

In honor of this spectacular selling-out achievement by B&N: for one week only, any idiots among you can talk ad nauseam about how Industry Standard books with Adobe DRM are superior to other DRMs, despite the inevitably higher prices and non-standard requirements like splitting of content.  Go ijits!  Go corporate whores!  It’s for the Children!

I’m your #1 fan.

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