So, Finally Missed a Day

Nov. 29, 2009.  Last missed update was Oct. 31st, 2007.   That particular evening, I was in Little Rock, AR, at a hotel that used to be a Days Inn–this was before I realized, on the road, you should look for the cheapest hotel in a town, and stay at someplace nearby that costs $10 more.

Anyway, no wifi in Little Rock, and I could not drive further without endangering myself and others.  Also, Arkansas is dry south of Little Rock, so unless you’re willing to push all the way to Texarkana, might as well stop where you can get beer (which I needed, having driven 16 hours).

This year, outage was due to a DNS mixup with my registrar.  Took two+ days to fix (Registrar takes weekends off), though I could access the server. (We added books the rest of November, but it seems that this was my month for technical difficulties.)

Sorry ’bout that, also working on moving all the books for Stanza/Aldiko/Txtr/etc. to Amazon’s web services (The Cloud!!!, if you’re speaking buzzword), at least for Mobi+Epub.  That’ll go faster if I figure out a way to command-line it.  The new S3 Browser for Firefox… sucks… when you’re doing more than a couple hundred files.

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