The Thunder, It Stolen

I know there were a ton of ebook devices “announced” at the CES show.  But, while I’d love to see Pixel Qi succeed, second-tier E-ink licenses are so last-decade.

Kindle DX International is coming Jan. 19th.   For those who have been confused by the BN/Sony/whatever products, “coming” means, Amazon will ship its DX, to anyone in the world, starting Jan. 19th, allowing people to access Amazon’s content… wirelessly.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a dramatic beat-down of all the other players, stunning in its timing and execution.  But it’s kind of boring, really.  Like playing Civilization on Chieftain.

Still, from comments about the show, I get the vibe, the era of “we’ll get that to you six months from now, promise, so don’t buy nothing yet” is over.

Hopefully, we’ll see a new model from Amazon that addresses DX’s many limitations as an academic device. And I’m sure when Kindle Latest is unveiled, I won’t be invited to have cake.

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  • mtravellerh

    Uh, I love Civilization! What does that make me?

  • Toke Riis Ebbesen

    What are, in your opinion the exact limitations in using the Kindle DX for academic purposes. And is it different in this respect than the Kindle 2, other than in size?

  • dmoynihan

    Two biggest complaints were .pdf viewer and Text-to-Speech. Amazon has improved the .pdf viewer, and I think they just settled a TTS lawsuit, but it’s not the clear-cut winner that it could be.