Ehh, Next Week For Steve Fisher

Book’s the Giveaway.  Nobody got shot.

I’m in South Carolina this weekend, and then the Small Press Show in NY next week, so… been up to stuff.

The one interesting bit of news out of Tools for Change is that apparently Ingram will be setting up smaller presses into Apple’s new ebook store.  (And may be the only route for smaller presses to get into that store.)  That’s speculation on my part as derived from tweets by Dear Author and others.  Last I checked, what’s now called Ingram Content accepts PDFs, Indesign-generated epub files, and nothing else for epub sourcing.

Obviously, most of my commercial stuff could never go into Apple’s forthcoming ebook platform, but it’s another story with Silk and the education market.  We’ll see. I got a ton of ISBNs if need be.

Elsewhere, I’m not going to comment much on the spectacular failures of certain DRM providers and software companies in the ebook marketplace–long story, having bombed so completely on books, they’re now developing magazines, and, cryptically of course, given my personal history and their incompetence, you might say, really, they’re working for me.  And I just don’t speak badly about people who work for me.

/I’m sure Apple will see the light and support Flash, though.  Or at least, Flash apps will export flawlessly to html5 on the Iphone… just as Indesign files export flawlessly to Epub.

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