There Really Is Nothing New Under the Sun

Just ‘cuz I haven’t outnerded anybody else in a while:

All right, that dude who wrote the book about Abe Lincoln killing vampires?

His first book was about Jane Austen and zombies.

Jane Austen’s first published book, Northanger Abbey was a spoof of Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho.

Century after Radcliffe, decades before Stoker, Paul Feval, noted French author in the Dumas tradition, does a book called “Vampire City” with its plot being Ann Radcliffe, Vampire Hunter.

Noted SF author Brian Stableford translated the work several years ago, I think first for Ash-Tree Press, or maybe Daedalus, now having found himself a nice home with Hollywood Comics.

Given his obvious familiarity with all things Jane, I kind of think there’s more to the story about where Mr Seth Grahame Smith got his idea for the Lincoln: Vampire Hunter book.  But, hey, anyone who gets paid in this business is cool with me, and I just bought my copy.

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