New Ipad Ebook Store Already Shows More Book Insight Than Amazon

Something really interesting to take away from the Forbes story about Apple’s new Ipad store.  It’s a little subtle, but bear with:

There are also two sections for “Erotica” books; one under “Fiction & Literature” and one under “Romance.”

The division in erotica is something that Amazon doesn’t do.  In the Kindle store, we’ve got a great big mixup, with “Erotica,” and that latter category, “Erotic Romance” all dumped into one grouping.

It’s gotten more interesting, since Christmas, when women began using Kindles in droves for the first time.  Dec. 24th, Olympia had around 15-20 titles in the Kindle Erotica bestsellers category, including 10 in the top 50.  Post Dec. 25th, it’s been more like half a dozen titles from me in the top 100, including a couple in the top 50.  Maybe.

What blew us away was “erotic romance,” the category dominated by Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, Harlequin Spice, etc., etc., now selling in droves to Amazon’s new-found hoardes of female Kindle owners.

For the record, I’m not bitter.  My personal definition of the difference between erotica and erotic romance is that, if it’s erotic romance, my customers will never ever buy it ever.  (And if it’s erotica, erotic romance customers will only pick the title up by accident or ‘cuz it’s really intriguing.)  I just gave an early advance to an author for Jan.-Feb., and showed him the same 250-300% boost in Kindle sales everyone else saw for that period.  Erotic romance is a bigger market, but it isn’t my market.*

The fact that Apple’s smart enough to grasp the difference between the two, eliminating the risk to me of future reviews from Debra, is enough to get me all in to the Ipad store.

Since nobody contacts the pornographers first, what I’ve heard is you put .pdfs into Lightning Source/Ingram Content, with fresh ISBNs (sigh), and then LSI automatically converts from .pdf to Epub.

Guess I’ll be busy next week.

*Sure, erotic romance sells better, but you ladies can’t mix in drama from 10th Century German Nuns, or obscure Gregory Corso novels, or even Polish Nobel Laureates to your smutty print series and hope to get away with it, let alone make money.  Whereas people kind of expect that with me.  Plus, they tape up all the bathrooms for men and make them women-only at the Romance Writers of America conference, leading to discomfort.  So, neener.

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