End Coming for Sony Reader?

Jane at Dear Author was first to note: Sony’s selling its Touch Ereader via online closeout specialist Woot. This is the first time Sony’s Reader has been sold via Woot.

If you’re unfamiliar with Woot, they have “deals-a-day”–and every now and again start selling stuff rapidly, one thing after another, until all their obscure inventory is exhausted–in what’s called a Woot-Off.  I love their toys for my nephew, who, being first grandchild, gets everything in stores. Some of the toys Woot offers are not only obscure, but quite obnoxious*, making the perfect gifts for both my nephew and my sister…

Anyway, you don’t put new, top-selling things on Woot. There are older computers, cameras, Roomba was always a big hit.  You put the stuff that isn’t selling, and you hopefully refresh your product list.

Long-term Ebookers may recall, it was only when Gemstar’s REB-1150 started getting offered cheap via Crazy Joe Moe (a sort of Woot precursor) on Ebay that we knew things were over with that device. So… if Sony doesn’t have a new Ereader soon… might want to watch this space carefully.

Course, doesn’t help Sony that they antagonized their publishing partners and bet on Adobe technology, but, hey.

*Now that my niece is on the scene, I tend to get my nephew quieter, educational-type stuff. Wife takes care of the niece…

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  • http://ipadtest.wordpress.com Mike Cane

    Hmmm… yet the Woot offerings were refurbs. Still, couldn’t that indicate that Sony itself couldn’t get rid of them — or at least thought doing so at a *good price* was somehow beneath them? I don’t think we’ll be seeing another gen of Sony Reader.

  • http://www.munseys.com dmoynihan

    When I was still selling ebook DVDs (heh, “selling”), I did get involved with some electronics shops in California, who would include one DVD with their Ebay offerings, as well as sell excess inventory for Sony.

    They were taking closeouts and excess inventory, providing repair services, and even told me how to fix my busted 500, but Woot’s a much bigger can of fish.