So, It’s a Little Hard to Update from a Boat

They charge like $.75 per minute to use not especially good Internet.  Had one day there when we went to the mall in Port Canaveral, and the Internet was free, which was good.  But, err, Olympia had problems, and Munsey’s was a little neglected.

Still I recommend cruising from your home city.  ’Cuz, you just kinda drive for a little while, and then park, and then–blam, you’re on vacation.

For towel animals, got a dog, and a monkey. Also, my wife was kissed by a dolphin.

/Didn’t miss a day of updates, though!

//New James Hadley Chase this week.

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  • mtravellerh

    Where’s that dolphin on those pics? Have a great cruise!

  • dmoynihan

    Sorry, need to scan it for her. We bought the overpriced version…

  • book publishers

    Neat pickies, I wonder what that dolphin is doing now