How Many Apple Products Can You Spot in This Press Release Lead?

I’m counting four. And, it gets more interesting.

Free Android app for reading allows customers to enjoy over 540,000 Kindle books on Android phones; Amazon offers Kindle apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, PC, BlackBerry and, soon, Android

These will be released via the Android Market which, compared to the Apple store, is kind of a disaster. And the demographics for Android phone interest–male techie–while good for book reading, aren’t as good for paid book reading. So, we’ll see.

It’s funny, Amazon’s response to Apple had, ’til now, been kind of low-key. In the New Yorker, at launch, Ipad had a big glossy ad on the back cover, which ran for at least two weeks. But since the April 26th issue, Kindle’s been right there in a sidebar next to the “Briefly Noted” section–where short book reviews appear.

Sounds like somebody’s facing real competition. And no, not the Nook.

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  • Tim

    I think Amazon has gotten exactly what it set out to achieve when it introduced the Kindle. It legitimized eBook readers and now the market is growing rapidly. Amazon is in the business of selling books, not hardware, and they have quickly provided the Kindle Reader app for new platforms. If the Kindle fades away, Amazon’s bottom line could actually improve.