One Thought About Why Stanza-for-iPad Happened

Sitting here, noticing the usual surge in Stanza-related downloads whenever a new version is released, one thing I guess nobody’s pointed out about why Amazon (acquirer of Stanza-maker Lexcycle) allowed Stanza-for-iPad to be released, when the Stanza platform appeared to rest in a moribund state.

As a means of “fighting” iPad for ebooks, a planned series of upgrades to the Kindle was supposed to launch in May–with improved .pdf viewing, twitter/facebook integration, etc.  People, including me, have been looking for the update, at least for the folders.

Err, May? Make that a little later

So, while correlation ain’t causation, interesting that we get a Stanza-for-iPad from Amazon instead… when tomorrow we’re likely to get iBooks-for-iPhone and Touch.  (And today we apparently got Kindle in Target stores.)

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