Callaghan Would Be The Rare One for This Year

Miss Callaghan is the book that Chase and his publisher both had to pay a fine for in 1942.  Ignoring what the ruling mentions, I tend to think it was one little scene near the end of Part One that set off the authorities. Or, maybe folks just had their brains rattled by The Blitz.  No spoilers, but I suspect you’ll agree with me.
If you follow that second link, you’ll see mention of something called “Robin Hood Press”–name and content intrigue me, and if anybody knows anything, please feel free to post.

The source for Miss Callaghan, rare as all heck, did run me over $600 from Amazon UK.  Only edition.  No cover.  Would’ve been a lot cheaper if I’d waited for the pound to crash, but, you know, I must have the precious.  That’s a new record, at least for a Black Mask book.  I’d dropped $400 on Black Wings years ago.

Chase, ironically, is the biggest hit we’ve had in print on Black Mask since Night of the Hunter.  I say ironically not as a slam against Chase, just… I’d scanned Blandish when I had free time back in ’06, gave the book away for several years.  The Manybooks dude began selling it in the Kindle store, as did a number of other people. Week of July 4 last year (’09), my wife and I were at the beach with Dusty, and Goodloe had free time and wanted stuff to do… so I emailed Blandish with other things (like Leblanc).  Did CreateSpace and later an LSI edition, then… boom.

Even with other folks ripping me off and making their own print editions–bad form that only happens in pulp; pornographers have manners–Chase has still been a really good seller.

Worst performer of the lot is “The Doll’s Bad News,” but that’s because I wanted Goodloe to differentiate the work as much as possible from its original title, (actually, the original original is worse still), so book buyers were a little confused, but they’ve caught on.

Callaghan should be discounted and so forth on Amazon end of July.  The LSI edition isn’t approved yet.  If you’re in a major hurry to buy it, you can get her from CreateSpace itself. Entering SK7VQ2NN as a coupon will get you 20% off the book.  That same coupon will also get you 20% off of Murder Picks The Jury–last year’s crazy-expensive pulp… which… for some reason doesn’t seem to have an LSI edition yet.  My bad.

That’s about it for Chase from me.  He spent a couple years laying low after losing his case.  Then, ’44, looks like he went to Mills & Boon (aka Harlequin), and.. you know, big publishers don’t need to abide by the tenets of copyright law should they choose not to, but I’ll ask.

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