From the Xujiahui Electronics Market

There may be pictures, some day.

Wife’s tired, so I just hit Xujiahui–the big Shanghai electronics market.  Well, not that big.  Akhiharbara in Tokyo is a teensy bit bigger, filled to the brim with 3rd-shift factory product, and I’ve heard good things about Yongsan in Seoul.  

There are two big complexes at Xujiahui, it’s the second one (not Metro) that’s more interesting, with a smattering of the “stuff you won’t get anywhere else.”  Saw Hanvon, and some other readers.  Lowest price was around 1680 yuan ($235 currently.)  Not exactly a deal.  Hanvon was also listed as having a scanner with OCR, if that means anything. The Kindle knockoff was around, but no price shown. Err, a real one is $189 these days…

More intriguing, the Ipad was freaking everywhere. Now we know why things like the Apple Store in Manhattan have folks lined up to buy ‘em and ship ‘em back. Kinda weird, Ipads are made in China, but cheaper in the States… given taxes and so forth.

Did not see an Iped, but I was without my guide, and the sellers were aggressive.

Elsewhere, if you have stock in Nintendo ‘cuz you believe in a Wii comeback… sell. There was one Wii shop on the fourth floor of the second building, and that was just about it for Wii. (Nobody was carrying accessories.)

One other ebook company–EpBook or something–did have neon signage overtop a mall across the way from the markets.

Got a protector case for my Ipad for 160 Yuan. Probably an overpay. OK, almost certainly an overpay. But, I’m a little out of practice.

Did snap a few shots with my phone before remembering I had a camera. No good way to connect those pics, but… it’s the first day.

Since no report from Asia from me would be complete without legwear obvervations*, let me just state: the Taiwan thigh highs craze has not made it to Shanghai. Only saw one girl wearing them… not counting the ladies at Cate la Maid–an anime-themed coffee shop on the fourth floor of building two, “Buynow Shopping Mall,” and is worth visiting, even if you just want coffee.

Happy morning to you!

*I’m sorry, first night in Taipei, my wife and I were watching the girls who were busy selling knockoffs on the street without a permit, racing away from the police in short skirts, high-heels and the aforementioned black leggings, pushing racks of clothes before them… and even the lady was impressed by their commitment to fashion in the heat. I’d be remiss if I didn’t report on the matter.

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