Sorry, We Were Hacked Sunday

Able to restore everything from yesterday’s backup. Relevant server logs have been forwarded to the useful places. I do apologize, the lovely review of Nightmare Town was lost, but nothing else is missing.

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Sorry, Missed Yesterday

Apologies, my baseball team plays meaningful games in September once every 15 years or so, and it gets a little exciting. Should have another pulp scan next week, Trapped by Richard Heyward, before I head off to Frankfurt.

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I am at the Baltimore Book Festival

It may not rain all day today.

… Like it did yesterday.

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OK, Will Fix Homepage Later

Celebrating freedom today by watching football in Vegas…

–never mind, fixed. Took a while. Go Ravens…

/Good news coming on future scans.

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A Giant Passes

Dr. Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, passed away yesterday.

The original ebook pioneer, on July 4, 1971, he created PG by typing and sending out The Declaration of Independence to any and all online at that point, nearly crashing the network. The project continued, growing slowly but surely in the ’70s and ’80s, and migrating from simple mirrors all across the nodes (given bandwidth of the time) to the we have today.

I’ve only ever emailed him, but he was a great man, encouraging to everyone, and a genius, and why this site exists today.


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Another Quick Server Tweak

Remember: upload all your epub files when migrating the .lit and .pdfs of the world. Even if people can get your books through Stanza and the Cloud, you’ll still be saved the server overhead of a couple thousand 404 errors should an as-yet-unblocked robot come by, likely improving performance substantially.

/Jes’ saying.

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Did I Scan Obstinate Murderer Twice?

I’m sorry. I went to China; got a kid.

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OK, this part of the migration is sucking

Whatever it is… working on it.

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Beginning the Migration

New box is fast, fast I say. But, this is still gonna take a couple days.

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Some Planned Upgrades

OK, starting next week, will begin the migration to a new and better server. I dunno if anyone’s noticed, but the database on this site appears to be crashing a couple times a day, at least for a few minutes. I think more people are using the mobile version, as I’m not in the Aldiko catalog or something any more. (Seriously, whatevs.)

Also, as you’ll note, the feed we’re getting for books has changed, |text|text|text. Since it appears there’s more useful data as well, somebody’ll be looking into that come august.

Finally, more original pulp scans will be happening. Long story, my old UMAX Astra died. This was the second replacement UMAX Astra I’d used. This was the original firewire scanner, and something I’d timed out, to the point where I could play games, watch videos, etc., while scanning. They just don’t make ‘em any more. I’ve tried out a couple different replacements. Not quite ready to splurge on that “robotic page-turning” thing, as I’ve real doubts about its abilities in handling paperbacks, I’ve settled on a Cannon LIDE 700. (Screw Xerox and its CID technology.) Took a while to figure out how best to reduce distortion, but I’m getting the hang of it. Have some more Adams and at least one additional Holding here. Looking into Stewart Sterling…

Near as I can tell, with Jacki not constantly crying if I don’t hold her when she sees me, and in-laws not insisting I hide from her at all times, I won’t be taking any more trips until October, when I’m hitting Frankfurt.

Happy mid-summer!

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