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My Intriguing 16 PALM Shares

So, I’m following Palm’s stock in the wake of their announced acquisition by HP.  And it’s funny, but I don’t think this is the final deal quite yet.Palm’s currently priced at $5.81.  HP said it would buy them for $5.70. Based on my … Continue reading

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And Nothing Against Lexcyle

To go from a summer of code to a payday makes tons o’ sense.  They had obvious difficulties monetizing the platform in any notable way but shook up the market, obviously. Affiliate sales through Fictionwise/BoB/ et al weren’t going to … Continue reading

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OK, Who’s Left Now?

BooksonBoard is indie, though mostly a conduit so Overdrive.  Fictionwise is owned, with Palm. Ingram/LSI is around.  I had some good experiences with aggregator All-Romance Ebooks for a couple Olympia titles that sorta fit–well, at least one title.  Ish. Maybe … Continue reading

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Clearing Up Some Rumors

‘Cuz with Kindle seizing the Iphone ebook market Tuesday, this was the last best chance for Fictionwise to sell, and congratulations. So let’s just say, Barnes & Noble is not going broke.  There was a piece about them in the … Continue reading

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Amazon Buying Abe (and Bookfinder) and a portion of LibraryThing

This is kinda interesting.  It’s really the open nature of Bookfinder that has made the market for used books so fluid (as a serious buyer, I’ve seen players in used books come, grow, die because they pissed off the sellers, … Continue reading

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