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A Note on Fashion

There’s been a bit of indignation express in certain circles at this piece in the WaPo by Fashion critic Robin Givhan describing the clothing warn by individuals facing down their congresscritters. Some would say the woman is out-of-touch with the … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, Him.

Fascinating guy. And it may well be that he really feels value is created by reposting my scans, stripping out M-dashes, and cutting and pasting data, which he sometimes gets wrong. I emailed him once about it, and at least … Continue reading

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Todhunter Ballard’s First Novel

The Black Masker also did a bunch of westerns, of course.  And I think there was a joint effort with Fred Nebel… Enjoy.

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“Timid Mistress” Wouldn’t Be Nearly as Popular

Harmon Coxe’s Impetuous Mistress is all yours.  I’ll print it… if there’s like a sale or something. Coxe wrote for Black Mask, at least for a while.

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