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Amazon 3rd Party Fees Explained

Yeah, I’ve done sales of books my books through Amazon’s Marketplace for 3rd party book sellers. Mr. Curtis has the right idea, but Amazon makes a little bit more than 3-4% of sale.  It’s more like 6-15%, plus an additional … Continue reading

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You’ll Have to Wait for Alraune

Hey, it ain’t my fault.  Gentleman by the name of Joe Bandel has published an original translation of the work.  This includes certain portions excised from the 1929 edition by Guy Endore, and the Mahlon Blaine illustrations. He’s got an … Continue reading

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Hmm, Among the Missing Are

So, John Clifford, the original contact between Amazon’s Booksurge, now CreateSpace Enterprise, and LSI publishers, who per the plaintiff was a big part of why Booklocker sued, appears to have moved on. I think the biggest thing we can take … Continue reading

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Harrison Hunt Update

Hey gang, weirdly, though no sales rank exists, book has already sold a few copies on Amazon.  Unfortunately, it’s not discounted yet, and, given a little bit of a glitch with LSI, probably won’t be from anybody ’til after Xmas–nothing … Continue reading

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More CreateSpace Speculation

Now that we’ve seen the press release. Couple things people are confused about.  Booksurge didn’t “disappear” or morph into a Self-Publishing-only option.  It’s still around as “CreateSpace Enterprise,” with different terms and improved server… been that way since October.  And … Continue reading

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Guess It Wasn’t Jersey for Cspace

Wow.  OK. Need to figure out what I’m doing here…

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Amazon Gets Into Printed Book Distribution!

$20 says this has just a little bit to do with a company in New Jersey.  OK, that, and some of Amazon’s big “we’ll print your Academic Library Backlist, Springer” deals. Wow!  If my business was distributing non-compatible with Kindle … Continue reading

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Oh, and–I’m Back!

Booked a table for Author at the Nola Book Fair.  He’ll be reading as well. I’ll be in Maryland Sat., ‘cuz my mom, wife, sister and niece are having a big joint B-Day party Friday, and Scorpios can be mean … Continue reading

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Booksurge? What Booksurge?

Long-time readers of this blog know, I’ve been a partner with both Booksurge and Createspace.  Issue was, they were able to add Olympia to the Booksurge system quickly, but weren’t as good with other imprints, like Black Mask, Munsey’s, and … Continue reading

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Money Grafs from the Booklocker Ruling

They get to discovery, sorta. Although these cases are hardly enthusiastic support for BookLocker, they do not mandate dismissal, nor foreclose the possibility that BookLocker has the makings of a cognizable claim. In the face of such uncertainty, the Court … Continue reading

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