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Harrison Hunt Update

Hey gang, weirdly, though no sales rank exists, book has already sold a few copies on Amazon.  Unfortunately, it’s not discounted yet, and, given a little bit of a glitch with LSI, probably won’t be from anybody ’til after Xmas–nothing … Continue reading

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More CreateSpace Speculation

Now that we’ve seen the press release. Couple things people are confused about.  Booksurge didn’t “disappear” or morph into a Self-Publishing-only option.  It’s still around as “CreateSpace Enterprise,” with different terms and improved server… been that way since October.  And … Continue reading

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Guess It Wasn’t Jersey for Cspace

Wow.  OK. Need to figure out what I’m doing here…

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Amazon Gets Into Printed Book Distribution!

$20 says this has just a little bit to do with a company in New Jersey.  OK, that, and some of Amazon’s big “we’ll print your Academic Library Backlist, Springer” deals. Wow!  If my business was distributing non-compatible with Kindle … Continue reading

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Booksurge? What Booksurge?

Long-time readers of this blog know, I’ve been a partner with both Booksurge and Createspace.  Issue was, they were able to add Olympia to the Booksurge system quickly, but weren’t as good with other imprints, like Black Mask, Munsey’s, and … Continue reading

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Oops, There Goes One Business Model!

Uh, not my business model. This is a new feature from atop my Mobipocket publisher page: Important note on public domain titles: We want to provide a heads up that we’re working on a policy and procedure change that will … Continue reading

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Removing a Perverse Incentive

So, I pulled the Google ads a couple days ago.  Forget the new privacy policy, it’s just I, err, was blocking them… I expected page views to go down again once we finally get back to sorting by new, popular, … Continue reading

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My Almost-Name Gaffe

Funny thing, when I saw the Espresso Book Machine demo, finally, I was amused.  The machine was located smack dab in the middle of the Ingram/Lightning Source Area at BEA, and the vendor nearest to me was wearing a badge … Continue reading

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Is Amazon Vulnerable on Audiobooks?

Second-most interesting thing to happen in ebooks last week, after Amazon’s Temple-of-Doom-like ripping out the heart of ebook competitors, was the announcement of the Barnes & Noble audiobook store. This isn’t the first audiobooks announcement to be heard lately.  In … Continue reading

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Bottom Dropping Out on LSI?

There’s been reports of issues with March updates of publisher revenues at LightningSource.  I understand the concern.  For a couple years there, I structured my life around catching the daily LSI sales report at 1:40 a.m EST. In addition to … Continue reading

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