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Itunes Producer 2.1.2 Released!

Some fixes, some things for faster import of content for the big firms.  Apple deserves much credit for jumping on the issues, particularly given Epubcheck 1.0.5 only certifies (in the words of Dr. Kovid Goyal, Ph.D., CalTech) that a banyan … Continue reading

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OK, Ebook Sales Are Down 3% in April

… make that, self-reported ebook sales.  And… that’s a month when the Agency 5 vanished from the Kindle store (and everywhere else) for a while… returning with higher prices… and Apple couldn’t meet demand for the iPad… and some Kindle … Continue reading

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Ahh, Ebook Hubris

Somebody sent this link to a tweet by Hadrien, founder of Feedbooks. We’ve had more downloads than Project Gutenberg for the last 6 months. Can we claim the title of “most popular website for public domain” ? The short answer … Continue reading

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One Thought About Why Stanza-for-iPad Happened

Sitting here, noticing the usual surge in Stanza-related downloads whenever a new version is released, one thing I guess nobody’s pointed out about why Amazon (acquirer of Stanza-maker Lexcycle) allowed Stanza-for-iPad to be released, when the Stanza platform appeared to … Continue reading

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How Many Apple Products Can You Spot in This Press Release Lead?

I’m counting four. And, it gets more interesting. Free Android app for reading allows customers to enjoy over 540,000 Kindle books on Android phones; Amazon offers Kindle apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, PC, BlackBerry and, soon, Android These … Continue reading

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So, It’s a Little Hard to Update from a Boat

They charge like $.75 per minute to use not especially good Internet.  Had one day there when we went to the mall in Port Canaveral, and the Internet was free, which was good.  But, err, Olympia had problems, and Munsey’s … Continue reading

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End Coming for Sony Reader?

Jane at Dear Author was first to note: Sony’s selling its Touch Ereader via online closeout specialist Woot. This is the first time Sony’s Reader has been sold via Woot. If you’re unfamiliar with Woot, they have “deals-a-day”–and every now and again start selling stuff rapidly, one thing after … Continue reading

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If You Whine, They Will Come Through

Mobipocket just paypaled me for q1. To be fair, they’re well within any reasonable deadline.  But, they were always like first Monday of the month ’til now. Part of why I was paying such close attention: I might be the … Continue reading

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To Hitt and Hitt Not

With this latest Hitt, might be a good time to mention, Author Michael Hemmingson’s homage to Orrie, published by Black Mask books, is getting pretty good reviews.

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If 55 Ebook Storefronts on the Internet Fell…

and no one really cared, would Mobipocket still have trouble paying out 1Q royalties? This has probably been noted elsewhere, but, the shift of 5/6 large Manhattan publishers from a previously-standard royalty arrangement–i.e., 60% of an ebook’s suggested retail price to them–to … Continue reading

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