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Hmm, 250k ebook downloads

That’s not quite the same thing as sales.  But it’s great that Apple had Project Gutenberg in the system at launch.  I’ve been of the opinion that Ipad will really shine come fall, when it starts to penetrate education markets … Continue reading

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Playing W/ ScribD

So I took a moment to put a few books into the new ScribD setup. Just three titles so far, but three that are, ahem, likely to sell.  Things you notice about the service: They’re just getting started.  I believe … Continue reading

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Just to Clear up a Bit of Confusion

There are no errors in the Project Gutenberg .epub files. I’ve done a random sampling, from PG’s history  to quite recent.  English and foreign.  Every single PG text I’ve seen validates. I’m assuming that’s a custom in-house converter they’re using … Continue reading

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OK, there’s your scan

SciFi from M. Leblanc. Post-apocalyptic mash-up Cool in spots, but I ain’t too sure ’bout his ‘Murican dialects (could be the translator’s fault. ) Still waiting on clearances from PG, but maybe I need to fill out other forms before … Continue reading

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Man, PG’s Totally Automated Copyright Clearance

I can’t really chat with the group, for reasons reasons down under, though the Nasties have changed their policies, but what I do scan goes to them.

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