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Something from the Kindle/Iphone Playbook?

Almost unrelated, but tonight was “blogger night” at Camden Yards, so The Orioles, having sent Mark Hendrickson to the bullpen, Lou Montanez to the DL and Adam Eaton to the glue factory*, decided to announce that Matt Wieters will be … Continue reading

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See, This Is What Happens When You Over-Hype a Tech Conference

AlleyInsider has done not one but two separate pieces questioning the viability of the I-Phone as a long-form ebook reader.  There was only one commenter there to put down the heretics, and he himself was quickly dismissed by that portion … Continue reading

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And There’s the Big Future Iphone App

Company’s called Scroll Motion.  They’ve got publishing deals with the big guys and a major author on board.  Idea is to completely reduplicate the print experience with rapid scrolling, and each book containing the Reader app (so purchase is instantaneous). … Continue reading

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True Sony Reader Story

Two years ago this month, at the Texas Book Festival, I had the booth right across from Sony.  My friends around me as always in Austin, my behavior was… somewhat irreverent. I handed Dave Seperson my old Gemstar-1150, and asked … Continue reading

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Wait, Lexcycle’s Run By That Guy?

That’s like a real guy. With real software experience. And, like, Start-up cred. Plus, judging by the name, dude’s part French, so there’s that… As an aside, following the tragic passing of our translator on June 6th, we at Disruptive … Continue reading

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.Epub Goes Where?

Apple’s not into Flash for Iphone.   .Epub /Digital Editions runs on Flash.  Ergo, no Digital Editions/.Epub support for Iphone. There are a lot of other apps coming for the Iphone, but at this point, the dominant ebook device and the … Continue reading

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