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Hmm, Maybe That’s Random UK-Only For Now

But The Bookseller is also reporting on the world’s largest English-language publisher’s new book apps. Weirder still, from my US-based Itunes App Store, I’m noting that Fictionwise’s Ereader has dropped all the way down to #9 on the free giveaways … Continue reading

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Paying Attention, It’s a Good Thing

WSJ interviews Ian Freed of Amazon: Mr. Freed says he expects that users of the iPhone application would read their books for 20 to 30 minutes at most, after which eye strain or battery life might become a problem. I’d … Continue reading

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Sometimes Ya Can’t Give It Away

So I’m moving all the music from a dead PC, and I note the iTunes App Store is now listing the most popular downloads–both free and commercial.  My other question, namely why Fictionwise would do PR on the Ereader Iphone … Continue reading

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Amazon Cares About Digital

Zdnet reporter cares about his job.  Only interesting detail from the story is that Amazon, as a matter of principle, doesn’t release details, so maybe that’s why they didn’t care much for the Cnet blogger, or the Infoworld blogger, or … Continue reading

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