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There Really Is Nothing New Under the Sun

Just ‘cuz I haven’t outnerded anybody else in a while: All right, that dude who wrote the book about Abe Lincoln killing vampires? His first book was about Jane Austen and zombies. Jane Austen’s first published book, Northanger Abbey was … Continue reading

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Oops, There Goes One Business Model!

Uh, not my business model. This is a new feature from atop my Mobipocket publisher page: Important note on public domain titles: We want to provide a heads up that we’re working on a policy and procedure change that will … Continue reading

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Agree Penguin’s Ebook Strategy Is Goofy

But not for this reason: What’s most galling, of course, is that Penguin isn’t attempting to increase interest in ebooks as a medium by making these classics, long past copyright, available in free, un-DRM-encumbered formats. In an old-meets-new mashup, publishers … Continue reading

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