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This, my friends is payback for the Agency Model

Wow, Wylie just went live with exclusive editions in the Kindle store–nobody special, Nabokov, Burroughs, Normal Mailer, Naipaul–dweebs like that. Don’t worry, it’s only exclusive to Kindle for the first year or two. Teh Gauntlet, she thrown down.

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Disagreeing With $149 as a Magic Number

Reading about the Nook’s sorta impressive price-drop, there’s speculation that $149 is the magic price point. While I absolutely agree with Guy that Sony/Kobo/Irex–oops, sorry/Whatever-the-hell-Borders-is-selling are even toastier than before, I don’t think $149 is that magic number. As a … Continue reading

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Kindle Update Achieved!

OK, I like the faster page turns.  I suppose I could do something with the folders thing, but, really, I only read from the first 10 books. Social Networking integration is completely moronic.  I mean, they don’t even ask you to … Continue reading

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Ahh, Ebook Hubris

Somebody sent this link to a tweet by Hadrien, founder of Feedbooks. We’ve had more downloads than Project Gutenberg for the last 6 months. Can we claim the title of “most popular website for public domain” ? The short answer … Continue reading

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One Thought About Why Stanza-for-iPad Happened

Sitting here, noticing the usual surge in Stanza-related downloads whenever a new version is released, one thing I guess nobody’s pointed out about why Amazon (acquirer of Stanza-maker Lexcycle) allowed Stanza-for-iPad to be released, when the Stanza platform appeared to … Continue reading

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New Ipad Ebook Store Already Shows More Book Insight Than Amazon

Something really interesting to take away from the Forbes story about Apple’s new Ipad store.  It’s a little subtle, but bear with: There are also two sections for “Erotica” books; one under “Fiction & Literature” and one under “Romance.” The … Continue reading

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After Macmillan–yeah, Amazon Considers Apple a Threat

This is getting fun. I have no idea how long the spiel with Macmillan’s gonna last.  It’s of course ridiculous for a Macmillan division like Tor, given its online following, etc., to not be selling most of its ebooks direct … Continue reading

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You’re Right, Mike Cane

Yes, yes you are right.  Apple is the One to Watch. Now, I still think Google is the real threat, and Apple ebooks won’t materialize quite as anticipated. But with this new 70% royalty option, announced by Amazon in the … Continue reading

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The Thunder, It Stolen

I know there were a ton of ebook devices “announced” at the CES show.  But, while I’d love to see Pixel Qi succeed, second-tier E-ink licenses are so last-decade. Kindle DX International is coming Jan. 19th.   For those who … Continue reading

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Apparently, Kindle’s Topaz Format Is Not Epub

Hmm, that’s the latest revelation from the Great DarkReverser (via MobileRead), who with his hunchbacked assistant and the wonder that is Python stitched together a series of DRM-stripping hacks to the other Kindle ebook format. Some folks have tested it … Continue reading

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