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Hmm, Among the Missing Are

So, John Clifford, the original contact between Amazon’s Booksurge, now CreateSpace Enterprise, and LSI publishers, who per the plaintiff was a big part of why Booklocker sued, appears to have moved on. I think the biggest thing we can take … Continue reading

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Money Grafs from the Booklocker Ruling

They get to discovery, sorta. Although these cases are hardly enthusiastic support for BookLocker, they do not mandate dismissal, nor foreclose the possibility that BookLocker has the makings of a cognizable claim. In the face of such uncertainty, the Court … Continue reading

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Gawronski Sues!

Commenters on Engadget are wondering about how the notes might have disappeared.  See, if you yourself delete a book on Kindle, any notes would be saved under “My Clippings”… ***Update, the complaint itself states the notes were not deleted, but … Continue reading

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Discovery Sues Amazon Over Infringement of Ebook Patent Filed One-Year After Launch of Rocket eBook

Cnet write-up.  Copy of complaint. Rocket eBook, which predates filing of patent, and allowed for purchasing of content over phone lines. Definition of prior art. I wonder how advertising’s been going for DISC in Silver Spring, MD.

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I’m Also Not As Enthusiastic About Fighting Over Things Which Don’t Make Money

Amazon, while not conceding the underlying legalities, says they’ll let rights-holders decide whether or not to enable Text-To-Speech.  Cue the DRM cacophony on how no publisher should ever, ever, ever deny the right to hear a voice aloud.  And, seriously, … Continue reading

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Google and the Eldred Act

First thing I thought of, here in sunny but chilly Texas, was that Google’s deal with the AAP, creating a copyright registry, sounds a little like Mr. Lessig‘s proposed Eldred Act.  So I checked Larry’s site to see if he … Continue reading

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