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Amazon Ships Kindle Overseas Oct. 19th!

Price is dropping too.  100 Markets!!!  Shipping date Oct. 19th. Oh, and over 200,000 titles available to ebook readers worldwide, compared to, like 8k or so from Waterstones. If you’re still after the Sony market, there’s Mark! Coker! of Smashwords! … Continue reading

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So, Who’s To Blame?

Though busy of late, I’ve noticed that, in a week where Star Trek comics kicked the only epub book out of the top 10 at Apple’s App Store, where Readius ran out of dough, where Fictionwise lost some indie cred … Continue reading

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If Ya Saw The Wire, This Would Be Ironic

Not that I think newspapers are dying or anything, but in Ocean City, MD there’s rumors that my childhood arcade went up in a blaze tomorrow. I check again, there’s nothing about whether Marty’s Playland is OK or not, but … Continue reading

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