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Know that Feeling You Get

When you’re in a Chinese city, and there’s no wifi, so you’re forced to update from a PC in the business center–but the business center’s like I.E. only, and it also has some kind of weird “download controller” thing that’s … Continue reading

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OK, Ebook Sales Are Down 3% in April

… make that, self-reported ebook sales.  And… that’s a month when the Agency 5 vanished from the Kindle store (and everywhere else) for a while… returning with higher prices… and Apple couldn’t meet demand for the iPad… and some Kindle … Continue reading

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There Really Is Nothing New Under the Sun

Just ‘cuz I haven’t outnerded anybody else in a while: All right, that dude who wrote the book about Abe Lincoln killing vampires? His first book was about Jane Austen and zombies. Jane Austen’s first published book, Northanger Abbey was … Continue reading

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Hmm, Among the Missing Are

So, John Clifford, the original contact between Amazon’s Booksurge, now CreateSpace Enterprise, and LSI publishers, who per the plaintiff was a big part of why Booklocker sued, appears to have moved on. I think the biggest thing we can take … Continue reading

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Apparently, Kindle’s Topaz Format Is Not Epub

Hmm, that’s the latest revelation from the Great DarkReverser (via MobileRead), who with his hunchbacked assistant and the wonder that is Python stitched together a series of DRM-stripping hacks to the other Kindle ebook format. Some folks have tested it … Continue reading

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I Avoid Real Work on Holidays

So, google just put together this new “Uploader” thing for their books program.  It’s a java app, of course.  And they want all your books with an ISBN attached.  And, um, all my.pdf files already have ISBNs–well, at least 500 … Continue reading

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Amazon Ships Kindle Overseas Oct. 19th!

Price is dropping too.  100 Markets!!!  Shipping date Oct. 19th. Oh, and over 200,000 titles available to ebook readers worldwide, compared to, like 8k or so from Waterstones. If you’re still after the Sony market, there’s Mark! Coker! of Smashwords! … Continue reading

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Money Grafs from the Booklocker Ruling

They get to discovery, sorta. Although these cases are hardly enthusiastic support for BookLocker, they do not mandate dismissal, nor foreclose the possibility that BookLocker has the makings of a cognizable claim. In the face of such uncertainty, the Court … Continue reading

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Actual Epub Library Numbers: With Screen Captures! #SonyReader

From Zdnet: 10:32 AM: LeClerc: “The free content of this great library is going to be available to those who have Sony Readers, without question whatsoever.” That’s 40,000 downloadable titles, he says. NYPL is one of five founders of the … Continue reading

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Gawronski Sues!

Commenters on Engadget are wondering about how the notes might have disappeared.  See, if you yourself delete a book on Kindle, any notes would be saved under “My Clippings”… ***Update, the complaint itself states the notes were not deleted, but … Continue reading

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