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And, You Can Find The Olympia Press in Homepage Searches on Amazon

This has had a very… nice… impact on sales, though it’s early. I’d always assumed certain titles might be sub-rosa, and in fact, sorta been color coding them for about three years now.  Problem was, the Ophelia Press name, first … Continue reading

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Heck, They Didn’t Publish Naked Lunch ’til ’62

Richard Seaver has died.  He was a publishing pioneer.  He did “fight” for Beckett. However, I can’t believe that none of the coverage of such books as Naked Lunch mentions just when, where, and at whose hands much of Grove’s … Continue reading

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Kinda Busy

For the next couple weeks. Enjoy Mr. White.  I actually scored a copy of Obsession from one of her e-tailing bud’s.  (Her new look’s gone over well.)

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bizarro, Bizarro, BIZARRO!

So, I’m getting ready for another show tomorrow.  (Y’all might still get a new scan Sat.  But only if you’re good.)  And I check out John Lawson’s site to see what he’s up too.  Bunch of cool books I’ll have … Continue reading

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If Ya Ever Wanted To Bring Google to Your Site

Just change webservers. Man, that’s one busy courtesan. … Was necessary (and still ongoing). …  Silk’s next. … Then dispub. Then some new toys for this site.

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Oh yeah, Him.

Fascinating guy. And it may well be that he really feels value is created by reposting my scans, stripping out M-dashes, and cutting and pasting data, which he sometimes gets wrong. I emailed him once about it, and at least … Continue reading

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