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If 55 Ebook Storefronts on the Internet Fell…

and no one really cared, would Mobipocket still have trouble paying out 1Q royalties? This has probably been noted elsewhere, but, the shift of 5/6 large Manhattan publishers from a previously-standard royalty arrangement–i.e., 60% of an ebook’s suggested retail price to them–to … Continue reading

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That Would Be an Omen

Amid the shocking reports that Nook, finally shipping, doesn’t quite live up to expectations, something might have been missing from the news: We had a death among ebook storefonts, and not much of an epitaph. I guess, last week, Mobileread … Continue reading

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So, Do We Have To Alter The Fictionwise Wikipedia Spam Now?

Better way to phrase the Hachette Situation: Best-Selling Ebook publisher on the planet now device-specific. I know the foreign-rights excuse is offered.  Also… there was something else weird with Overdrive earlier this week. Umm, just a guess… there’s a little … Continue reading

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