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And Here’s ScrollMotion!

Y’all might remember, they were onstage when Apple did its summer product launch, so ScrollMotion’s new deal to put textbooks on the Ipad is obviously happening with Apple’s blessing… unlike some other firms that Apple doesn’t like as much lately. … Continue reading

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Did Apple Just Punt on Ebooks?

I understand that there are some people out there who are excited, because the new $99 Iphone means you can now get an ebook device, assuming you agree to a two-year commitment, at the lowest service plan rate of, oh, … Continue reading

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A Generational Problem for E-Textbooks

So over Mother’s Day dinner, my parents recalled buying math books for grad school in the ’60s. Issue: the darn things cost too much (this was back when the dollar was worth something and well-before spectacular growth in higher-ed bureaucracy’s … Continue reading

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