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And One Word on BeBook

In their defense, they were there to meet folks, like Verizon (partly owned by Vodaphone), and chat about putting serious Internet onto the device, not entertain a punk kid. In mine,  over the past 10 years, while working with some … Continue reading

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So, We Took a Break and Redid the Mobi’s. Again.

Slight problem with ;s after em dashes.  Oh, and rare bits of .css.  Only happened 12,000 times.  Those are all uploaded.  Again.  Now the Adobe Mobile and Sony Reader scripts are rerunning. Then I got one more format to do.  … Continue reading

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Done, Done Done with the Kindle/Mobi’s

Pretty much how I like them.  No more errs.  Epub uploads did go, they’re fine, but a few in diskone (ok, a few thousand… all right, maybe more than 5,000), have a stray line of .css or two that didn’t … Continue reading

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